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winter 2011

what we are up to/
> new inspirations. new projects.
> new art music culture words...a blog.
> new and returning collaborators.
> new monkey installation.
> a creative new year.

what you can still check out/
most of the goodies are still up as we
create this new installation and renovation.
some categories may have new titles or
stay the same. perhaps the titles don't yet
match what you will find inside. but............
that's what a new installation is all about.

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KONG and other works

written by pamela sneed
vintage entity press

available for purchase at
^ vintage entity press

[click link for book shop]

pamela sneed is an extraordinary writer, poet, performance
artist, actress, speaker, teacher, activist, humanitarian... need
we say more. it's obvious monkey salon is very excited and
honoured for pamela to be a friend of monkey as well as a
(hopefully) contributing artist in the near future.

up now: pamela sneed's new book...
KONG and other works.
published by vintage entity press/nyc.
to keep up with all the many creative
adventures that pamela is involved in
and with...
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a performance poet whose writing is as smart
& brave as her gorgeous body is agile.
_ the village voice

sneed is one of the most dynamic exponents of
poetry and performance working in the u.s. today.
_ coco fusco

KONG and other works is mind blowing...
wonderfully beautiful. life altering.
_ monkey salon review


life below the clouds.
a unique | new project.

more soon...
do stayed tuned!

i am culture.
a multi media project by davyd oram of venice is sinking
in collaboration with toon botwin and monkey salon *

check out some of davyd's amazing artworks
in our visuals eye festival gallery and on his
website at venice is sinking

* postponed. but not forgotten.

thank you so very much for your interest in our work.
we are grateful and gratified by your support.

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splash page: monkey salon graphics | mixed media | by toon botwin
header graphic: monkey salon logo | mixed media on paper | by toon botwin for monkey salon

KONG and other works cover design: by deshon gales for flatfoot designs
KONG and other works photograph: by steven g. fullwood for negronius suite photography