◊ un ami amie des arts ◊

ak press
celebrating 15 (great) years of radical publishing and distribution ... books recordings etc.
arnie levin cartoon gallery
humour is an elixir. one of the most necessary. very necessary. cartoons by long time new yorker contributor artist.
art bureau
founded and curated by bert benson. an online and print adventure in all things art. handmade publications. coming atcha from san francisco. absolutely lovely.
artists unite
artists unite is a nonprofit organization - located in nyc, particularly focused on the inwood / washington heights neighbourhoods - dedicated to providing quality arts programming and to helping artists of all genres collaborate on projects. the organization's aim is to increase artists' ability to make and show work and the public's ability to experience art in their lives.
dj akalepse
i live in brooklyn, there's a kung fu school there. (plus he makes mad music mixes.)
doze green
an original member of nyc's hip hop dance pioneers the rock steady crew, legendary graffiti artist doze green is also a figurative painter, a gifted designer, a spirited technician, and a self-described humanist.
positve.music.driven.lifestyle. primates love the lab.
ev stone + stone hauser studios
absolutely amazing sculptures and mixed media work by longtime lunchbox recordings and monkey salon cohort, ev stone. check out her online portfolio.
ff blu
beautiful bumping beeping souling musica. monkey salon cohort. and a big grateful up to the man who makes these wonderful sounds! the world is a lovelier place...
founded. programmed. developed. by maarten schiethart [radio rataplan] and passionately devoted to bringing you the best music from every spot on the planet.
florida wild: america's youngest landscape
thought provoking. wonderful details. beautiful prose. written by ecoreason aka kip curtis.
funkier than thou
always fresh. always funky. and you... online art and music emporium. curated by evil al and cohorts. straight from the uk and on the wire each and every day. head there. ok.
go north gallery
a space for contemporary art based in beacon, new york. curated and owned by painter / photographer gregory slick {quinn the eskimo + monkey salon} and his partner, karlos carcamo.
jason gamm + (stairwell_cinema)
(stairwell_cinema) + a visual compendium of original design & photographic works + from a most talented member of and contributer to monkey salon.
jonathan levine gallery
surreal fantastical mesmerizing. be sure and check out jonathan's gallery located in chelsea nyc.
katell keineg
one of the most beautiful voices in music today. lyrical poetry.
living deliberately
"i went to the woods because i wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if i could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when i came to die, discover that i had not lived." _ henry david thoreau, walden, 1854
maarten schiethart + pennyblack music
an incredible website for all things musique. featuring in house dj and music writer maarten schiethart.
marc snyder + the fiji island mermaid press
countless curiosities to be seen at all hours. curated by lino artist marc snyder via the wilds of pennsylvania. seek the limited edition book club...
in french and english. either way, an inviting soundtrack to ... life. love. the pursuit of happiness. and melancholy, perhaps.
michelle piano
have you tickled your pickle today? if not, tickle your pickle with art. amazing surrealist paintings by the amazing piano. lift off.
now: here: this - art spark by artists unite + peter ferko
now: here: this is an international exhibition that explores the idea of artistic community in an era when artists frequently relocate, and boundaries are continually made less relevant by communications technology and travel. this project includes artists from around the world, including those living in artists unite's physical community in washington heights / inwood. every other friday at 16:00 gmt (11:00 a.m. eastern), these artists create an "art spark" that is intended to keep the art engine going in the hearts of the virtual and physical communities by each creating work to be exhibited on this site. each artist also states the most important thing on his / her mind right now, offering a rare glimpse into the process, agendas, and idiosyncrasies of the artists' minds. the goal is to create and sustain a virtual community where art is the raison d'etre. now: here: this: peter ferko, curator and project director
orlando reyes art
painter, curator, and director of 58 gallery (jc. nj. usa), orlando's beautiful, vivid paintings created by using alternative painting techniques are simply wonderful.
photograph.tina west
beautiful website. her artworks even more so. objects, landscapes, pictures and pieces of life lived here and past. artistic collaborator with lunchbox recordings.
quinn the eskimo
bringing it to you with love ... an online music literature art gallery + nomadic events ... curated by artist gregory slick
rob dunlavey illustration
one can easily spend hours on rob's website .... so many goodies to look at and smile at.
a recording label founded by chris mcmahon, he is also the man behind the music. and good great music it is. out of scotland. check this...
songs from a random house
special music for all special people. no really. head on.
soulflow is an artist based community where people who create in all artistic mediums have a chance to exhibit their works/performances to the public. started in 1999 in brooklyn, ny, soulflow has supported artists with gallery shows, live musical and visual art performances and creating books of artists works. soulflow.net has been established to provide artists with yet another way to bring their creations to the public's eye. enjoy.
stone magazine
stone is a magazine for different kinds of unrestrictedly-practised art. it is also an experiment between graffiti and graphic design, as well as graffiti writing, computer-based design, or every other kind of art. in each edition (online or printed), stone would like to give comers and artists the opportunity to present themselves and their work.
venice is sinking + the artwork of doram
good and great graphic mixed media mayhem. out from vancouver bc.
virgil wong: experiments on art, medicine, and technology
one of the most visually mind-blowing sites on the web. virgil wong's concurrent careers as an artist/filmmaker, web center director, mfa faculty member at the new school graduate center, and nia teacher all revolve around his interests in medicine, technology and the human body.

◊ culturel ◊

freedom is more than a good thing.
anti-violence resource guide
the anti-violence resource guide is a collaboration between v-day.org and feminist.com. feminist.com is an eleven-year-old activist community and portal of resources and information that supports women's equality, justice, wellness and safety. the feminist.com web site was founded to initiate and facilitate grassroots mobilization, networking and communication around important political, health and educational issues related to women. our web site is dedicated to promoting and sustaining women's well-being through the principles embodied in our motto: "awareness, education, activism and empowerment".
codepink + women for peace
codepink is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities. codepink rejects the bush administration's fear-based politics that justify violence, and instead calls for policies based on compassion, kindness and a commitment to international law. with an emphasis on joy and humor, codepink women and men seek to activate, amplify and inspire a community of peacemakers through creative campaigns and a commitment to non-violence.
critical mass bicycle rides directory
critical mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists' right to the road. the idea started in san francisco in september 1992 and quickly spread to cities all over the world. this site attempts to be the most complete guide to local critical mass rides around the globe.
develop don't destroy brooklyn
DEVELOP DON'T DESTROY BROOKLYN leads a broad-based community coalition fighting for development that will unite our communities instead of dividing and destroying them. dddb is opposed to forest city ratner's 8 million square foot "atlantic yards" development proposal for an arena and 16 high-rises in prospect heights and park slope, brooklyn. the $4 billion project would use at least $1.6 billion in public money and would abuse the state's power of eminent domain–taking private property from one owner to give to a private entity for a private use, instead of a public use.
drug policy alliance
we envision new drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights and a just society in which the fears, prejudices and punitive prohibitions of today are no more.
earth and moon viewer
view the earth and moon from just about any way imaginable.
impeach bush
president george w. bush, vice president richard b. cheney, secretary of state condoleezza rice, secretary of defense donald h. rumsfeld, and attorney general alberto gonzales have committed violations and subversions of the constitution of the united states of america in an attempt to carry out with impunity crimes against peace and humanity and war crimes and deprivations of the civil rights of the people of the united states and other nations, by assuming powers of an imperial executive unaccountable to law and usurping powers of the congress, the judiciary and those reserved to the people of the united states. - visit the site and cast your vote to impeach -
indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.
the john lennon fbi files website
a source of information about john lennon, the fbi files, the lionsgate documentary "the u.s. vs. john lennon" by david leaf and john scheinfeld, and the book gimme some truth: the john lennon fbi files by jon wiener
lupus foundation of america
lupus is a systemic chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys. the body's immune system normally makes proteins called antibodies to protect the body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign materials. the immune system loses its ability to tell the difference between foreign substances (antigens) and its own cells and tissues. the immune system then makes antibodies directed against "self." more than 16,000 americans develop lupus each year. it is estimated that 500,000 to 1.5 million americans have been diagnosed with lupus.
marijuana policy project
sponsor a medical marijuana patient in montana or vermont... following the marijuana policy project's intensive lobbying campaign in vermont and our ballot initiative campaign in montana last year, these two states now allow patients to possess and grow their own marijuana. but many seriously ill montanans and vermonters have little or no income and are unable to afford the fee for the required state marijuana registry id card ($200 in montana and $100 in vermont). in response, mpp has launched a medical marijuana financial assistance program to help pay the registry fee for patients who cannot afford it. donate any amount you wish.
moveon.org - democracy in action
the moveon family of organizations brings real americans back into the political process. with over 3.3 million members across america – from carpenters to stay-at-home moms to business leaders – we work together to realize the progressive vision of our country’s founders. moveon is a service – a way for busy but concerned citizens to find their political voice in a system dominated by big money and big media.
ms. magazine campaign & petition for honesty and freedom
in its 1972 debut issue, ms. magazine ran a bold petition in which 53 well-known u.s. women declared that they had undergone abortions — despite state laws rendering the procedure illegal. these women were following the example of a 1971 manifesto signed by 343 prominent french women, who also had declared they had abortions. help protect and secure a woman's right and access to abortion. you don't have to have had an abortion. you can be male or female. this petition is for anyone who believes in women's reproductive rights.
the nation
[still] a worthy and important read. both in print and online.
new york public library
the new york public library consists of 86 libraries in the bronx, manhattan, and staten island: four world-acclaimed research libraries, a large network of neighborhood branch libraries, four central libraries with in-depth subject collections, and a library for the blind and physically handicapped. all libraries in the nypl system may be used free of charge by all visitors.
new yorkers against the death penalty
"it is the deed that teaches, not the name we give it. murder and capital punishment are not opposites that cancel one another, but similars that breed their kind." _ george bernard shaw new yorkers against the death penalty (nyadp) is a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals committed to the abolition of capital punishment. nyadp advocates for public policy change through education, grass-roots organizing, and lobbying. while we are an abolitionist organization, we believe that working towards a moratorium on executions brings us closer to our ultimate goal. nyadp works with family members of inmates, students, attorneys, and family members of murder victims. the nyadp executive director is david kaczynski, brother of the "unabomber", ted kaczynski. david travels throughout the country sharing his story and has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs.
noam chomsky article
the solution is the problem: the us presents itself as the peace-broker in the middle east. the reality is different.
not in our name project
we are people of conscience who cannot stand silent as our government wages war without limits of time and space. we cannot stand silent as immigrants are rounded up and detained. we cannot stand silent in the face of new police state restrictions threatening the very right to dissent. we refuse to allow president bush to speak for all the american people. we will not give up our right to question. we will not hand over our consciences in return for a hollow promise of safety. together as one, we say NOT IN OUR NAME.
tom dispatch
a regular antidote to the mainstream media. compiled and edited by tom englehardt.
transportation alternatives nyc
transportation alternatives is a 5500-member nyc-area non-profit citizens group working for better bicycling, walking and public transit, and fewer cars. we work for safer, calmer streets and car-free parks.
vday - until the violence stops
v-day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. v-day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. v-day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (fgm) and sexual slavery. the 'v' in v-day stands for victory, valentine and vagina. v-day was founded by playwright, performer, writer, and activist eve ensler (the vagina monologues).
weather underground
not the group. just the atmosphere.
discover the magic of words. welcome to wordsmith.org, the home of: a.word.a.day: the newsletter + wordlovers' library project - free books for libraries worldwide + internet anagram server - find the wisdom of anagrams + the wordserver - lookup services via email + listat -a statistical tool for mailing lists

◊ musique ◊

a dent in the tori amos net universe
rip . . . the dent served the toriphile online community over ten years, from march 25, 1996 until may 5, 2006!
the bassment online radio
streaming underground hip hop worldwide 24 hours a day. ultraextralovely, this is.
blood and fire records
a lifeline to old school reggae and dub music. straight outta the uk.
it certainly helps that this musical project has a simian name. we like that. but the music ... superb. a top top of the top monkey salon favourite. good for all purposes.
steadily and consistently in the mix at monkey salon. a sure soundtrack inspiring the creation of many pieces of artwork at the lab. digitally designed bass bin propulsion via scrawny human interface...
dj shadow
um, well, what does one say about a true innovator and painter of the musical kind?! inspiration awaits you.
echoes is a daily two-hour music soundscape, distributed by public radio international and broadcast on over 150 radio stations from maine to california. with host john diliberto, a writer for billboard, pulse and other magazines, echoes brings together a wide array of styles, from acoustic to electronic, jazz to space music, the avant-garde to rock. echoes is a sound that is cross-cultural and trans-millennial, merging cultures and forms, technology and tradition, the ancient past and the possible future. listen online in streaming audio or fm radio.
hefty records
the tastiest musica label - coming out of chicago - serving up electronic hip hop music scapes. satisfaction always.
kplu radio - npr news and all that jazz
celebrating 40 years of bringing more to the communities we serve, kplu is "washington's public radio", covering the largest listening area in washington state. kplu's unique blend of award-winning jazz, blues, and in-depth local and npr news can be heard by over 3 million people, from vancouver, b.c. to astoria, oregon - throughout our signal network - and worldwide at www.kplu.org.
modiba productions
modiba is a music production company and record label committed to the social and economic empowerment of africa and its diaspora.
ninja tune
a steady flow of amazing and wonderful music from this uk label. bring it. yes, yes.
npr music
musica from all over and around the world. excellent resource.
prefuse 73
top top. best best. do you like it? i like it. indeed. top. i said.
~scape music
home to deadbeat. and home to some of the most wonderful electronic music on the planet. based in germany.
wkcr fm radio - columbia university
broadcasting live on the internet and radio 89.9 in nyc. jazz! the old school way. these folks are passionate and informed about their music. and... not to be missed: squeeze radio. simply the finest hip hop show around. catch it online or fm radio on thursdays from 1am to 5am.
womad - world of music, arts, and dance
womad stands for world of music, arts and dance, expressing the central aim of the womad festival - to bring together and to celebrate many forms of music, arts, and dance drawn from countries and cultures all over the world. womad was originally inspired by peter gabriel: "pure enthusiasm for music from around the world led us to the idea of womad in 1980 and thus to the first womad festival in 1982. the festivals have always been wonderful and unique occasions and have succeeded in introducing an international audience to many talented artists."
world circuit records
world circuit records have established their reputation by producing some of the finest world music albums of the past two decades, specialising in music from cuba and west africa. the label is best known for the buena vista social club album, which is the biggest selling world music album of all time, and led to the phenomenal rise in popularity of cuban music.

◊ plastiques ◊

a viktor iv calendar
the logbook of the ship henry david thoreau by usa expatriate [transplanted to amsterdam] viktor iv aka walter karl gluck
abandoned stations
underground ... tunnels. tracks. trains. terrifically fascinating.
art crimes + the writing on the wall
bringing you the goods - since 1994 - as the first graffiti website ... features work from cities all over the world.
authorised graffiti area ... by order of the queen, her majesty of great britain.
basquait.com: a tribute
... he was, all at once it seemed, the ultimate party animal, a wannabe streetkid and grafittist hiding his black brooklyn middle class roots, an advocate and interpreter of the marginal and dispossessed at the court of the mainstream, an angry black aspirant to the all-white art canon, a precocious talent, a creature of cynical marketing and a fraud, a proto-muIticulturalist, an american original... from basquiat.com
beautiful decay
a monkey salon favourite street art magazine ... in print and online. very tasty. indeed.
dan eldon - the journey is the destination
some of the most inspiring journal based artwork created by a talented young photographer activist adventurer who died too soon...
the eric carle museum of picture book art
founded in part by eric carle, the renowned author and illustrator of more than 70 books, including the 1969 classic the very hungry caterpillar, the eric carle museum of picture book art is the first full-scale museum in this country devoted to national and international picture book art, conceived and built with the aim of celebrating the art that we are first exposed to as children. through the exploration of images that are familiar and beloved, it is the museum’s goal to foster connections between visual and verbal literacy and to provide visitors of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to explore their own creativity and the confidence to appreciate and enjoy art of every kind.
frag-ment-ed by maura cluthe
very cool, groovy mixed media work by a fine artist based in kc mo.
freddi c
painter and graphic artist who mixes up a cool fine brew of street aesthetic dj culture artworks. plug in.
i like drawing
online gallery featuring the witty and wonderful artworks of uk artist ian stevenson. discovered on a rambling web walk through music and art websites on a rainy day.
the objective of the unlearn message is to push people into seeing a perspective other than their own - and to question the origin of what is considered normal and tolerable. _ kinsey
based in new york, lab71 is an artist run online publication that features contemporary art from around the world. ideas and issues that concern artistic communities from diverse countries will be addressed, providing opportunities for dialogue between writers, curators and artists. we are interested in all media; painting, sculpture, video, installation, digital art, collaborations, performance and public art. we are dedicated to fulfilling the unmet needs of artists, curators, writers, critics and gallerists.
lewis black
comedian lewis black is america's foremost commentator on everything.
nate williams aka n8w
beautiful cartoon figures ecentric loveable scapes and objects all done by the artist known as nate williams aka n8w. a great monkey salon discovery via his work with art bureau...
powerHouse books
the future beyond art books.
printed matter
printed matter, inc. is the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. printed matter's mission is to foster the appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists' publications, which we define as books or other editioned publications conceived by artists as art works, or, more succinctly, as "artwork for the page."
shawn "AKO" whisenant
my name is shawn whisenant. i'm a 24 year old artist living in san francisco. i stay busy doing art shows and making stuff. i've shown my art all over the world and enjoy making tee shirts, books and taking photos.
stencil archive
submit stencils and/or check out what other stencil artists are doing around the world.
stencil revolution
a staple of the daily diet.
windows to the world. to people. made by an artist called swoon. making stencils. for the street love...
wooster collective
col*lect*ive: done by or characteristic of individuals acting together; "a joint identity"; "the collective mind"; members of a cooperative enterprise. wooster: a street in soho, new york