abolin lives, plays, works, and makes art in berlin. you can see more of her wonderful work at stencil revolution . . . stencilrevolution.com/photopost/showgallery.php?si=abolin&x=0&y=0 if the link doesn't work, you can go here: www.stencilrevolution.com - search under abolin. contact abolin at: ab0lin@hotmail.com

adam mandelbloom

adam mandelbloom is a photographer and IT systems administrator who lives and works in south florida. adam favours photographing nature, animals, and landscapes. he finds inspiration in music and animals and enjoys scuba diving, most outdoor sports, and technology. in the future, he hopes to publish his work with national geographic magazine. adam's photographic exhibit on monkey salon marks his first foray into publishing his work. adam holds both a bachelors and masters degree in primate behavioural observations of the best kind.

bert benson + art bureau

bert benson is a san francisco based artist, curator, and independent publisher. he is the founder and director of art bureau, an online gallery and purveyor of limited edition art books. visit art bureau for links to more of bert's artwork. and visit art bureau to enjoy an amazingly diverse collection of artwork by artists who work in all genres. www.artbureau.org info@artbureau.org

cole barcia

cole barcia is an artist and student, currently in the eighth grade of his studies. he very much enjoys sketching and drawing objects, people, and pretty much anything that catches his eye. cole's work in the visual gallery of monkey salon marks his debut as a self-taught, young artist. in addition to art, cole plays and is an avid fan of basketball, music, and monkeys, of course. contact: toon@monkeysalon.com

davyd oram + venice is sinking + seven trees clothing

...often lately ive felt like a shipwrecked scavenger, painting on plywood ive found washed up on the beach or rocking some canvas i found amidst my piles of debris. ive got a direction, but the course isnt always an easy path - so you work with what youve got. for me, its just this paint brush and some static for a soundtrack... sometimes he makes tshirts. sometimes stickers. sometimes the paint reaches the canvas or found wood. either way, d.oram sends out the inspirational vibe through his entracing and melancholy (but very much human!) figures that appear in his work. colours, swirls, textures ... are all delightful. from the wet coast of british columbia, d.oram also tends his website, venice is sinking, and the companion art journal, moonpies for misfits. visit...


ev stone + stone hauser studios

i strive to create the objects that would have filled my life if i could have stayed in that imaginary world of childhood. i try to build in the simplest manner, using as little technology as possible. in the process, i am still trying to elevate these found objects to an ordered, ordained, and iconic status. this transformation of the ‘mundane’ to the ‘aesthetic’ is fundamental to understanding these pieces. within these structures i look to find a balance between the tribal or primitive and the man-made or technological, and perhaps between the spiritual and the intellectual. i create spaces to reflect and consider. the collages are reflections of over-stimulus, an all-over explosion to the senses of the too much, too fast media. overloaded with visual information, i recombine the images in a rhythmic way that makes more sense to me, creating a unique object from a mass-produced image, and maintaining the constancy of the river flow. ev stone creates her sculptures and mixed media works in jersey sity, new jersey. she was educated at the kansas city art institute (bfa), otis art institute of parsons school of design, and purdue university. her work has been shown in museums and numerous galleries and exhibits throughout the us. ev is also a freelance curator. ev is a long-time collaborator, contributor, and all-round wonderful friend of monkey salon. once upon a time, ev found herself with an apartment full of lunchbox recordings cds, making her home resemble a bunker. clyde from brooklyn, the stone-hauser mascot, liked it a lot. contact: ev stone c/o mana fine arts 227 coles street jersey city, nj, usa 07310 phone: 201-604-2702 ext 515 groggirl@comcast.net