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xstatic audiology | focus on jazz station - February 1, 2010 online radio station website

winter 2010.
xstatic audiology.
focus on: wbgo jazz 88.3fm radio

wbgo is a publicly-supported, cultural institution that champions jazz and
presents news to a worldwide audience through radio, other technologies,
and events. jazz88.3fm's daily broadcast can be easily identified by the
passionate, extremely knowledgeable and idiosyncratic on-air announcers,
frequent live broadcasts and on-air interviews with today's hottest jazz and
blues artists, and a news department whose drive time news reports and
weekly magazine program, the wbgo journal, are recognized for their
reporting excellence every year.

where to listen:
_ radio station 88.3fm in new york / new jersey areas
_ click wbgo logo above or online station at

a long time favourite at monkey salon,
wbgo plays great old school and new
jazz and blues music 24.7.

typo. not typo. - September 3, 2007

* audiology [things ive been playing this summer]

40 winks - sound puzzle [merck]
dj mayonnaise - 55 stories [anticon]
dr who dat - beat journey [lex]
carlos nino presents... the sound of l.a. [plug research]
ynq - yesterday's new universe [stones throw]
l'usine - language barrier [hymen]
fennes & sakamoto - cendre [touch]
the necks - sex [fish of milk]
req - sketchbook [warp]
dj cam - mad blunted jazz [shadow]
stars of the lid - & the refinement of their decline [kranky]
william basinski - a red score in tile [three poplars]
dj olive - sleep [room40]
aesop rock - none shall pass [def jux]
ammoncontact - one in an infinity of ways [ninja tune]
deru - trying to remember [merck]
babbletron - ramble at a discount
amon tobin - supermodified [ninja tune]
the grace period - destiny [audio dregs]
flying lotus - 1983 [plug research]
robust - potholes in our molecules [galapagos4]
lukid - onandon [werk discs]
junk science - feeding einstein [embedded]
oh no - doctor no's oxperiment [stones throw]
deceptikon - lost subject [ghostly int'l]
qwel & silence - nerdy [galapagos4]
dj alibi - one day [tres records]
madlib - beat konducta in india vol. 3 & 4 [stones throw]

one eye sees, the other feels - September 1, 2007

latest.finest.feel good listening.
like that.

artist: tommy guerrero
cd: from the soil to the soul
words: Once upon a time, the City of San Francisco gave birth to a diminutive 3-headed beast named Tommy Guerrero. From a very young age, the kid could skateboard up walls and down hills like no one else. He played in punkrock bands well before he could even get into the clubs legally. And he displayed an artistry in Life that few folks ever achieve.

artist: bau
cd: cape verdean melancholy
words: Bau, whose real name is Rufino Almeida, is a virtuoso of the 12 string guitar, ukulele and violin. His music is is at the same time syncopated, vigorous, nostalgic and intimate.

Bau is the arranger and band leader for Cesaria Evora, and has been the architect of many of the best-known melodic flourishes in the Cape Verdean canon. Here, on an all-instrumental album, he follows in the pattern set by singer Fantcha, hedging his bets by alternating stately, gorgeous, fado-based numbers with bouncier, Gipsy Kings style upbeat tracks.

artist: dj akalepse
cd: shadow of a doubt
words: akalepse is ____________.

artist: hu vibrational
cd: boonghee music 1
words: Boonghee is a new dance music that there is no specific rhythm to. It's a gathering of grooves. Boonghee is onomatopoeia. You feel it in your ass. Lead by the pillow-padded-mallet-hit deep bass resonance and high-pitched hand slaps of the Udu clay drum of West Africa, Boonghee Music is very circular and profound. Something like a phenomenon, and somewhat a mixture of minimal hip hop, Big Black hand drumming, and broken-beat, Boonghee Music is all organic, with no electronics, save for the recording apparatus. The colors atop the drums are vast and streaming and can come from any kind of instrument; primarily they are percussive. A few in the collection used for these recordings are dusun’goni, sintir, thumb pianos, harmonium, batajon, talking drums, dumbeks, and flutes. Bringing this music to life are two incredibly gifted drummer/percussionist /composers from Chicago that have been running together since they were 14. Adam Rudolph & Hamid Drake met in a drum shop on the East Side of Chicago and later took classes together with local A.ssociation for the A.dvancement of C.reative M.usicians elders.

artist: orchestre baka de gbiné
cd: gati bongo
words: Baka Gbiné is a group of musicians from Cameroon.

Gati Bongo is the amazing and compelling debut album by Baka Gbiné, recorded live in the rainforest of Cameroon in 2004 and 2005. It comes as the result of regular visits to the Baka's homeland by British members of Afro-Celtic band Baka Beyond.

Martin Cradick and Su Hart of Baka Beyond have regularly stayed with the Baka in Africa, taking and donating a number of guitars as part of a 15 year collaboration. Using these guitars alongside traditional instruments made in the forest, the Baka Pygmies have created their own band, Baka Gbine - together with a distinct and irresistible musical style.

The album was recorded using a solar-powered mobile studio set up under a giant tree deep in the forest, and completed in England at Martin Cradick's studio in Bath. Two songs from the album, title track 'Gati Bongo' and 'Mosumana Collé', were released in January 2006.


kyo-nishiki _ _ kyoto cherry blossoms - February 22, 2007

been working up some compilations. not mixed, really, as i'm just taking the songs as they come and doing up the song to song raw. meaning, no editing, remixing, mixing, or what have. just whatever's there. it might lead to a proper mixed cd, but for now...

_ onesandzeros _
made up of songs from the following artists : : : the staple singers, james brown, blackalicious, mos def, gnarls barkley, outkast, rufus and chaka khan, sly and the family stone, manu dibango, prince, stevie wonder, labelle, bill withers, the pharcyde, eminem, the isley brothers, ohio players, thievery corporation, salt n pepa, naughty by nature, queen latifah, tlc, a tribe called quest, arrested development, baby bash, j lo, mary j blige with the game and 50 cent, en vogue, neneh cherry, de la soul, sugar hill gang, macy gray, the family stand, ini kamoze, ll cool j, public enemy, and jean knight. a couple of bonus spoken bits and a supermix up by steinski. and some instrumental goods by irresistable force and nightmares on wax.

don't make up your mind yet... - February 17, 2007

joni mitchell covering gershwin's the man i love + chris cunningham - stories to play + macy gray - i try + beatles + elvis costello - all this useless beauty, almost blue + john lennon - how do you sleep, god, nobody told me, the ballad of john and yoko, #9 dream + prince - i wish u heaven, if i was your girlfriend, sign o the times, nothing compares 2 u, the ballad of dorothy parker + dusty springfield - what are you doing the rest of your life + mary j. blige - real love + paul mccartney and wings - uncle albert + billie holiday - body and soul, god bless the child, what's new, they can't take that away from me.

what jamie starr is listening to > > > * > > > - February 10, 2007


when doves cry + love bizarre + erotic city + adore + the cross + i would die 4 u + come + around the world in a day + i wonder u + sometimes it snows in april + if i was your girlfriend + the ballad of dorothy parker + sign o the times + housequake + 1999 + controversy + i wish u heaven + letitgo + anna stesia + to be continued . . .

___________________ ) ) * ) )

play in the sunshine. - February 9, 2007


_ play in the sunshine - prince
_ u.n.i.t.y. - queen latifah
_ hip hop hooray - naughty by nature
_ creep - tlc
_ shoop - salt n pepa
_ love it or hate it - mary j. blige + the game + 50cent
_ in your eyes - peter gabriel
_ tennessee - arrested development
_ what are you doing the rest of your life - gem spa [remix.5]
_ ms fat booty - mos def
_ lovesexy - prince
_ scenario - a tribe called quest
_ elevators - outkast
_ hot thang - prince
_ the look of love - her vanished grace

_________________ ) * ) >

audiology. on the player at monkey salon. - February 7, 2007

main entry: au·di·ol·o·gy
pronunciation: "o-dE-'ä-l&-jE
function: noun
: a branch of science dealing with hearing; specifically : therapy of individuals having impaired hearing

+ _ * * _ +

she swirls... - February 7, 2007

·katell keineg _ high july
·deadbeat _ something borrowed, something blue
·kaki king _ legs to make us longer
·various artists _ café de paris
·bau _ cape verdean melancholy
·tori amos _ to venus and back, live
·bill evans _ waltz for debby
·prince _ lovesexy

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