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URGENT NEWS // HELP HAITIposted: winter 2010as most of the world is now aware, port-au-prince, haiti, was struck by a very powerfuland most destructive earthquake on tuesday, 12 january, 2010. there are many, manynews stations, newspapers, blogs, and so forth outlining this horrific tragedy. that beingthe case, we here at monkey salon would like to offer our deepest and heartfelt condolencesto the victims and the survivors, and our great thanks to the many brave and selfless individualswho are working to rescue survivors, treat the injured, provide food, water, and medical attention.the purpose of this post, in addition to what is written above, is to provide some easy access tothe numerous resources, organisations, foundations, charities, and groups that are involved inhelping so you too can lend a hand, make a donation, search for loved ones, and so forth.after a bit of quick research (since time is of the essence), we have found there are twoportals/kiosks that provide a plethora of [...]
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