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i am culture(just as you are)i am culture is an ambitious, layered, developing, collaborative multi-mediaproject encompassing text and audio interviews, art works, and audio musicaconnecting artist davyd oram's thoughts, ideas, and work inspirations in themany dimensions opened to artists: print and audio interviews, online galleryshowcases, facebook groups, flickr photograph streams, blog posts and news,twitter tweets, and the like.upcoming and first project for 2010.look for an interview with davyd oram by toon botwin.

OPEN NOWNEW EXHIBITIONi am cultureview VISUALS to see new work by artist davyd oram

project partners...^ davyd oram - multi-medium artist, clothing designer, founder of venice is sinkingand seven trees shop websites^ toon botwin - multi-medium artist, music producer, curator, founder and partner ofmonkey salon and monkey salon market at etsy websites^ jason gamm - multi-medium artist, designer, music composer, founder of stairwellcinema and partner of monkey salon websites^ [...]
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